Compression, 2014
In past years, the standard method of distributing music was on a vinyl record produced in high fidelity so as to bring out every little detail in the recorded track. However, as years have gone on and technology has advanced, the quality of music has decreased. Today, an album can be downloaded from the internet in minutes, potentially compressed to a very low quality, and then loaded onto a portable music player.

To illustrate this, I chose to focus on the Sheffield-founded electronic label Warp Records and, using album artwork from their roster of artists and various computer programs, disassembled the music listening experience down to its simplest components before re-presenting it in a highly corrupt and degraded state.

Alongside the nine images in the series, I also inputted each file into a program which produced an audio representation of the image, which can be listened to in it's entirety below or or as separate tracks on Bandcamp.


  • Sheffield Hallam Degree Show 2014, SIA Gallery, Sheffield - 14th June 2014 to 28th June 2014