Digital Witness - Secret 7" 2015
Inspired by the song 'Digital Witness' by St. Vincent, these two images show the way in which social media and technology is destroying how we interact with each other and how that affects our own personality. Our perception of what is real is becoming increasingly blurred by social media and the skewed version of themselves that people present to their connections.

The two images in this series were created as part of Secret 7" 2015, an exhibition where artists create album artwork for one of a series of seven songs. The image 'What's the point of doing anything?' was chosen as one of the 700 album artworks to be exhibited in London on April 10th and later sold with all proceeds going to the Nordoff Robbins.


  • Secret 7" 2015, Somerset House, London - 10th April 2015 - 4th May 2015